The Realms of Ethernity

The Realms of Ethernity

Updated At: 04 April 2022


illions of years ago, in the currently known universe arrived the gods Naamr and Ugatha. They brought with them divine seeds that contained their offspring.

Among the seeds there were four special ones, which would hatch into the Four Greats, or The Four - four divine dragons possessing the astronomical power of the four elementals: fire, water, air, and earth. For many thousands of years the dragons clashed; their countless battles shaped the world by means of creation and destruction, forming oceans, mountain ranges, volcanoes, continents, plains.... A new world was taking shape more clearly than ever. A world that shouldered the hopes of Naamr and Ugatha.

The world ... of Ethernity.

The Continents

he Realms of Ethernity are divided into four unique, magical continents. Each of them is devoted to one of the quintessential elements. Because they haven’t been tampered with very much, their essence is still supple and malleable, waiting for ambitious men and women to shape it into colossal works of art and architecture.