Updated At: 04 April 2022

NFT Avatar Customisation

By introducing a wide variety of races for players to role-play in RoE, we also introduce how they can manipulate the appearance of their avatars (based on the race's fundamental traits) and create their unique appearance, as well as base attributes of their character upon starting the game. Once complete, these avatars will be minted as NFTs and the created 3D characters will be validated for in-game adventuring.

The avatar customization feature will first be released in our presale session(s) in the upcoming time. Certain number of sub-races to select for avatar base will only be available in these session(s).

The Races and Subraces

Generally, there will be four races for players to select as a starting base for their avatar: Humans, dwarves, orcs and elves. Each of them, in turn, has three different subraces for players to pick from, taking the total options up to 12 unique species.